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Date/Time: 27/05/2017 18:00 - 21:00
Location: Trossen
Categories: Banquet
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The semester is nearing it’s finale and some might be planing a vacation abroad. If you want to see alot of our big planet in a short timespan you should come to Gefleteknologernas Around the World in 3 Hours-sittning!

For food we’ll serve a 3 meal dinner, where each meal originates from a different part of the world. Of course we’ll also offer plenty of entertainment, songs, friendship and everything else you expect from a sittning!

Tickets cost 130 swedish kronor (140 kr if you are not a member of Gefleteknologerna or VOX) and can be bought in Rävhallen 23/5 or 24/5, or by sending an email to

Except the usual text about only accepting cash below we also want to remind you that despite the international theme we will only accept swedish kronor as payment, so leave your euros, australian dollars and mexican pesos at home.

To gain access to Trossen you need a membership with Gefle Studentkår (Gefle Student Union) for the semester (plastic card, temporary valid paper card or the Studentkortet app in your smartphone) or a membership with Gefleteknologerna (needs to be bought no later than 12:00 the same day).

Bringing your own beverage is prohibited, visitation will happen on entry. We only accept debit/credit cards!