Gefleteknologerna (G-tech) is a student association for all students enrolled in programs or individual courses at the Academy for Tech and Environment (Akademin för Teknik och Miljö) at the Gävle University College. G-tech observes all courses under this academy and works to ensure their quality, you can always come to us with remarks or complains about the courses you are enrolled in and we will help getting them heard.

The association has its own pub where you can meet other students, or just get a nice beer at student friendly prices. You can view all our events in our event group on facebook Trossen Event or on our Facebook page.

Since 2014 we have a new clubhouse, Trossen. It’s here were we are run our pub mentioned above, but also plenty of other activities. Do you have an idea for an event? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Gefleteknologerna (G-tech) är en studentförening som är till för alla studenter som läser under Akademin för Teknik och Miljö på Högskolan i Gävle. Föreningen vänder sig även till er som läser fristående kurser under denna akademi. G-tech övervakar alla kurser som går under denna akademi och verkar för att de skall vara så bra som möjligt. Till G-tech kan studenter vända sig om man har några problem eller synpunkter på de kurser man läser.

In late autumn we are organising job fair, Futurum, were all students are able to meet potential future employers. You’ll be able to question them about possible education choices, internship, ideas for your thesis and more! It gives you a very good opportunity to make new contacts with employers.

Memberships with Gefleteknologerna gives your reduced prices at all our activities, access to our student pub as well as helping our work in improving your education. All this costs 52 kr for one year, 102 kr for two years and 152 kr for three years.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

We hope you get a pleasant time at HiG!

Our working groups: